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DVDXStudio version 1.0 now available for download!

ASPI driver for Win32
DVD-R/+R Drive & Media
500Mhz or better CPU
128MB+ RAM

“I just made an exact copy of a movie in less than one hour. I cant tell the difference between the original and the copy. I will tell others about your program.”
Chris W., Maryland
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DVDXStudio is as easy to use as any software you've ever tried.

1. To get started, simply download the installer to your desktop and double-click the DVDXStudio icon.

2. Next, launch DVDXStudio and insert a DVD into your media drive. The program will say "Analyzing, please wait" as it reads the disc.

3. The DVD title now appears in the dropdown menu under "Select Source". Use the check boxes to select or de-select subtitles and audio tracks.

4. Once you have determined which subtitles and audiotracks you would like to keep, look at the right half of the screen under "Select Destination & Start Backup." If you have multiple media drives you can select to backup immediately to DVD-R media; otherwise, select a folder to backup files to, as well as a temporary folder.

5. Once the operation is complete, you simply pop in a blank DVD-R disc, open your source from the folder you just backed up your files to, and click "Begin Backup!"

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